Rohde & Schwarz join hands with China Mobile to create the 4G+ era

Rohde & Schwarz joined hands with China Mobile to participate in the 2015 China International Communication Exhibition held in Beijing from September 22nd to 25th, 2015. The event received high attention from China Mobile's top management, various industry chain companies and news media organizations. Rohde & Schwarz presented the NS-IOT CA terminal test system on site, based on the TD-LTE-A downlink carrier aggregation automation test platform developed by R&S CMW500. The on-site dynamics demonstrated that the rate of dual-carrier aggregation reached 190Mbps~210Mbps, which was significantly improved compared with the rate of 100Mbps for non-carrier aggregation terminals. The PQA (Performance Quality Analysis) test system can be extended to support the existing downlink 4CC and uplink 2CC test solutions. It is based on the independent test script developed independently by Rohde & Schwarz's local R&D center, which can better adapt to localization needs. The complete system uses Rohde & Schwarz's own brand of instrumentation, making it easy for users to expand and maintain.

Rohde & Schwarz join hands with China Mobile to create the 4G+ era

In addition, Rohde & Schwarz offers a complete solution for testing RF, RRM, IOT and performance for carrier aggregation terminals and is an industry leader in many areas. At present, the test platform has been widely recognized by the mainstream chip manufacturers and terminal equipment providers in the industry, and has successfully verified all the NS-IOT CA test cases of China Mobile, and has been successfully used in the warehousing certification test.

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