Popular Internet TV suspects will be formally released on November 18

In fact, as long ago as the strategic cooperation conference held earlier, Kang Chi, general manager of Mega Holdings, once stated that he hopes that the media friends and partners present at the product launch conference in November can still be present. The way we presented our TV products to our friends present indirectly disclosed the date of release and coincided with the time of the exposure.

Unlike previous Internet TVs, which used mostly OEM methods, popular Internet TV can be said to be a broad lineup, with the licensee’s Oriental Pearl, the content provider popular and the Oriental Pearl, the hardware manufacturer Siu Chi shares, and online and offline sales channels Gome and Haier. The links in the eco-chain of the television industry have been exhausted. Although they are the last to enter, they are considered to be heavyweight players.

What exactly is the specific product, in late November, wait and see!

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